2 Speed Settings

Mode 1: Beginner 5kmh speed

Mode 2: Advanced 15kmh speed

The Performance E 12 and16 inch bikes feature two different speed settings that are designed to safely introduce your child to riding. Easily switch between the two settings by a clip inside the plastic motor casings that houses the E motor. 

Speed Setting 1 is perfect for beginners to safely learn balance, throttle control  the features of the Performance E bike, with a moderate 5km speed. 

Speed Setting 2 is the next step for your little rider once he or she has the balance and throttle control confidence to safely handle more speed. With a faster 15km speed function, the progressive thumb throttle response will give your little rider a safe and responsive ride for riding at the track, at the park or in the backyard. 

Rear Disk Brake

The Performance E 12 and 16 Inch bikes feature rear disk brakes for a responsive feel that is a perfect replica and function for your little rider to prepare for a transition to mini 50cc dirt bikes when they are ready. Safely stop at faster and lower speeds via the hand brake on the handlebars, similar to any childrens bmx and mountain bike.